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Dreamy Glacier National Park Engagement

Catherine & Kenan were such a bomb couple to work with! I shot their engagement session at the beautiful Glacier National Park, this spot was around Logan's Pass. We had so much fun frolicking through the fields & discussing all the conspiracies whilst playing the Lord Of The Rings soundtrack on the drive back down the mountain. I mean...could you even pick a better song?

Things to know about Glacier

Just a few words of wisdom I learned while shooting in Glacier. It's...HUGE! So, if your planning on eloping. or just shooting there in general make sure you start way before you think you need to. The amount of driving time it takes from going place to place, then walking to your spot, then shooting takes a while! So if your wanting to go to multiple locations around the park give yourself a good 3 to 4 hours to explore. Also be aware & respectful of the wildlife. We saw mountain goats & some big horn sheep very close in proximity to us.


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