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Top Locations to Elope in Utah

People are catching on to a whole new way of saying "I do" that's way cooler than your typical white-dress-and-cake shindig—it's elopement time, baby!

Elopements? They're like kicking off your happily-ever-after with a wild adventure that screams "us" louder than a love song. When it comes to epic elopement spots, Utah's stealing the show! I've rounded up the raddest places to say "we do" in Utah, plus I've got all the insider tips and sweet elopement packages.

Think about it—Utah's got it all: jaw-dropping national parks like Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Arches, where every turn unveils a new slice of paradise. From towering mountains to red rock wonders, it's a playground of epic adventures.

Now, here's the million-dollar question: how do you even choose between these jaw-dropping spots? Don't sweat it! I've got your back with the lowdown on Utah's marriage rules, beautiful elopement spots, and what each season brings to the table in this awesome state.

utah mountain elopement


Utah pulls out all the stops with its seasonal splendor! Picture vibrant blooms in spring, endless sunshine in summer, blankets of snow in winter, and breathtaking autumnal hues in fall. It's a delightful array of natural beauty, offering something for every taste and preference. So, when it comes to planning your Utah elopement, it's all about choosing the ambiance that speaks to you!


Southern Utah sizzles with summer heat, but if you're keen on incorporating water into your elopement, it's a prime pick! Consider stunning spots like Lake Powell for a refreshing twist. Meanwhile, Northern Utah boasts warmth without the scorch, making it a more temperate option compared to its desert-drenched southern counterpart. If you're eyeing a summer elopement before the heat, June or September would be ideal choices!


Spring draws a considerable crowd to the national parks, thanks to its comfortably warm temperatures and the emergence of blooming flowers! Expect temperatures ranging from the balmy 70s to the toasty 90s during this season.


Utah flaunts its stunning fall foliage in the mountains during this season! The temperatures drop to a comfortable range, making it perfect for outdoor adventures. In Southern Utah, you can expect cooler temperatures and fewer visitors crowding the national parks.


Utah winters transform the landscape into a snowy wonderland, offering breathtaking scenery! If you're keen on embracing winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, Utah is the perfect destination for a winter elopement. While even the southern desert regions receive some snow, it pales in comparison to the mountainous areas. Opting for a winter elopement in iconic parks like Zion or Arches National Park is a fantastic idea—the crowds disperse, and you'll have the freedom to explore areas typically restricted to shuttles.


Each state has its own set of marriage laws, and while navigating Utah's legal requirements isn't overly complex, there are certain formalities you'll need to fulfill to ensure your ceremony is legally binding.

If navigating these formalities sounds like a hassle, fret not! You have the option to keep your Utah ceremony purely symbolic. You can choose to legally marry before or after in your home state. Ultimately, what truly counts is the moment you exchange vows with each other. While signing a marriage license is what legally binds you in the eyes of the state, the essence of your wedding day lies in the heartfelt exchange of vows and promises to one another. That's the true essence of your special day.

  • An Officiant is a Must: To legally tie the knot in Utah, you'll need an officiant who's duly ordained.

  • In-Person Marriage License Application: Regrettably, online applications aren't an option. You'll need to swing by the county clerk's office in person to obtain your license.

  • Skip the Waiting Period: The good news? There's no waiting period! Once you've applied for your license, you're free to say "I do" that very same day if you wish.

  • Two Witnesses Required: Consider inviting your nearest and dearest, like parents or close friends, to be witnesses. However, if you're opting for an intimate "just us" elopement, I can serve as one witness, and we can find someone along the way to be the other. Yep, it's been done before!


  • License fees range from $40 to $60 depending on the county.

  • Make sure to bring along your social security cards/numbers for both of you.

  • Have the names and birthplaces of each of your parents handy, including your mother's maiden name.

  • Bring a valid photo ID as proof of age, such as a passport, birth certificate, driver's license, or state ID card.

  • If you've been divorced, ensure you have a copy of your recent divorce decree.

  • You can find a comprehensive list of county clerk's offices here. For further details on getting legally married in Utah, visit here


You have the option of having a symbolic ceremony, alleviating the need to navigate the legalities of eloping in Utah if you're from out of state!

How does it work? Simply get legally married wherever you reside and handle the paperwork there. Then, for your elopement ceremony, personalize every detail to reflect the two of you, without the need for an officiant and witnesses! Couples who choose this path typically prioritize the heartfelt exchange of vows on their elopement day, considering it the true moment of marriage.

boneville salt flats elopement

boneville salt flats wedding


Utah is teeming with awe-inspiring elopement spots, and the list could easily stretch on. The ones highlighted here are among the most sought-after in Utah, and for good reason! The parks offer endless hikes and trails, catering to a variety of scenic preferences. Plus, opting for an Airbnb for your stay is always a fantastic decision, offering numerous perks and adding to the overall experience in many ways. Here are my top locations to elope/get married in Utah:


Zion National Park holds a legendary status as a must-visit destination, ranking among the top five most frequented national parks. Naturally, its popularity attracts crowds, but the breathtaking vistas make it undeniably worthwhile. Opting for a sunrise or sunset elopement offers a chance to escape the masses, a suggestion I highly recommend. Although encounters with other visitors are inevitable, numerous trails within the park offer opportunities for solitude. Alternatively, a winter elopement presents a splendid option to evade the crowds while experiencing Zion's enchanting beauty at its peak.


Moab brims with excitement, offering boundless adventures to all who visit. Rock climbers will delight in the myriad formations scattered throughout the area, while off-roading enthusiasts will find ample terrain to explore. Nestled near Canyonlands National Park, Moab provides easy access to iconic landmarks like Mesa Arch and Grandview Point, as well as the majestic Colorado River. Despite its popularity, the park retains its allure even in winter, making it an ideal destination for elopements amidst Southern Utah's mild winter climate.


Even though it's part of Moab, Arches National Park definitely steals the spotlight. It's seriously amazing, with all those stunning red rocks and crazy arch formations. Choosing to elope here guarantees a day that's both fun and totally unique! Be sure to check out my guide to eloping in Arches blog!


Imagine exchanging vows at the edge of Dead Horse Point State Park, where the Colorado River snakes through the canyon below, its turquoise waters contrasting with the rusty red cliffs. Then, venture to Lake Powell, where the deep blue waters stretch beneath towering sandstone cliffs, offering a stunning backdrop for your intimate ceremony. With panoramic views of sculpted rock formations and endless desert vistas, these locations offer a breathtaking setting for couples seeking a truly unforgettable elopement experience amidst the natural splendor of Arizona.


Standing on the vast expanse of the Bonneville Salt Flats, you're enveloped in a surreal landscape unlike any other. The crisp white salt crust stretches out in every direction, creating a seemingly infinite horizon that merges seamlessly with the sky above. Yet, when the flats flood, a magical transformation occurs. The shallow layer of water creates a mirror-like surface, perfectly reflecting the vivid hues of the sky and surrounding landscape. As the sun dips low on the horizon, casting a warm golden glow across the flats, you and your partner are surrounded by a breathtaking panorama of color and light. Against this ethereal backdrop, your elopement becomes an intimate and unforgettable moment, framed by the stark beauty of one of nature's most mesmerizing wonders.


Certainly! Throughout the year, the Wasatch Mountains offer a stunning backdrop for every season, making them an ideal location for weddings. In spring, vibrant wildflowers bloom amidst melting snow, while summer brings lush greenery and endless outdoor adventures, providing a picturesque setting for exchanging vows. Autumn transforms the landscape into a tapestry of fiery colors, creating a romantic atmosphere for a wedding ceremony. In winter, the snow-covered peaks provide a magical backdrop, perfect for couples seeking a cozy, intimate wedding. Against the backdrop of changing seasons, the mountains remain a timeless sanctuary, offering beauty and romance year-round for couples embarking on their journey together.


Bryce Canyon National Park is a stunning landscape of crimson-colored towering rock formations. At Sunrise Point, exchange vows as the sun bathes the canyon in a golden glow, or opt for a romantic ceremony at Sunset Point, where the sky comes alive with vibrant colors. For panoramic views, choose Inspiration Point, while Bryce Amphitheater offers an intimate setting surrounded by towering hoodoos. Finally, Bryce Point provides sweeping vistas of the entire canyon, creating a breathtaking backdrop for your special day.


Snow Canyon State Park, nestled in the heart of Utah's red rock country, offers a captivating landscape of towering sandstone cliffs, winding slot canyons, and ancient lava flows. As the sun rises over the crimson-hued desert, the canyon is bathed in a warm, golden light, casting enchanting shadows across the rugged terrain. The air is filled with the sweet fragrance of desert blooms, while songbirds fill the silence with their melodic tunes. Unlike the bustling crowds of Zion National Park, Snow Canyon provides a peaceful and secluded setting for couples seeking an intimate elopement ceremony amidst the beauty of the desert Southwest. Here, you can exchange vows surrounded by the timeless splendor of nature, with fewer distractions and more opportunities to savor the magic of your special day.


The Pink Coral Sand Dunes in Kanab, Utah, stretch out like a vast sea of soft, rose-hued sands, sculpted by the winds into mesmerizing ripples and curves. As the sun rises over the dunes, the sand takes on a warm, rosy glow, casting enchanting shadows that dance across the landscape. Against the backdrop of towering red rock cliffs and distant mesas, the dunes create a striking contrast. With the serene silence of the desert enveloping you, it's easy to lose yourself in the tranquility of this otherworldly landscape. For couples seeking a truly unique and unforgettable elopement experience, the Pink Coral Sand Dunes offer a magical setting that's as romantic as it is breathtaking.


Antelope Island State Park sits in the Great Salt Lake, a peaceful blend of rugged landscapes and serene waters. Mountains frame the scene, and wildlife roams freely. The lake's shores offer a stunning backdrop for exchanging vows, with sweeping views of mountains and tranquil waters. Whether on a beach or under a tree, Antelope Island makes for an unforgettable wedding spot.


I'm dedicated to curating an elopement experience that reflects your unique essence. Collaboratively, we'll plan every detail, drawing from your vision and my expertise to orchestrate a seamless and unforgettable day. With a comprehensive understanding of elopement dynamics and a commitment to excellence, I'll transform your visions into a thoughtfully crafted plan, ensuring that your elopement day exceeds expectations and remains a cherished memory for years to come.


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