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Whimsical Arches National Park Elopement

Moab, Utah is definitely worth eloping at. The stunning views go on & on as you drive through. This elopement was at Arches National Park at the double arch area. Honestly though, you could pull over in 23483008 spots & it's gonna be epic. Also aren't shown are the crowds of people that I photoshopped out, haha. That's just something your always going to encounter at a national park. If you want to beat the crowd, I would suggest eloping at sunrise.

Double arches elopement

How to elope in Arches National Park

Eloping in Arches National Park is actually super simple! If your wanting to gather a ceremony from 15-80 people, a permit is required. You can learn more about that here:

  • You want to apply at least 4 weeks in advance ( I would suggest planning sooner rather than later)

  • Plan around holidays or high traffic months to have less of a crowd if that matters to you

  • There are specific locations dedicated to your ceremony guest count size

  • The application for a wedding permit is $185

What if I just want photos taken?

No permits are needed to take photos in the park! We can hike or go wherever, as long as we follow leave no trace.

Can you help me find a location if I'm unsure?

100% YES! I will absolutely be there to help guide you along the way planning your elopement. We can go over if your wanting to hike or not to find the perfect spots for you. There are many beautiful locations in Arches that require little to no hiking at all! I can also help find vendors if your needing hair/makeup or florals.


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