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Utah State Capitol Engagement Session

Elena & Alec's engagement session was at the Utah state capitol among the peak of the cherry blossoms and it was every bit as romantic as that sounds.

Now, let me set the stage for you. The Capitol grounds were alive with color, thanks to those stunning cherry blossoms. But, as you can imagine, it was a popular spot. No worries, though—I worked some magic behind the lens and managed to capture moments of intimacy amidst the hustle and bustle. Say goodbye to crowds, hello to pure romance!

Engagement sessions are not just about getting those Insta-worthy shots (although, let’s be real, that’s definitely a perk). They’re about getting to know each other, building trust, and having a good time while we’re at it. And let me tell you, this session was no exception.

As we wandered through the Capitol grounds, chatting and laughing, I got a glimpse into their love story—how they met, their favorite memories, and all the little quirks that make their relationship uniquely theirs. It’s these moments of connection that make my job so incredibly fulfilling.

But here’s the thing, folks: engagement sessions aren’t just about the pretty pictures (although, again, they are pretty darn awesome). They’re about laying the foundation for an epic wedding day experience. Think of it as a trial run—getting comfortable in front of the camera, connecting with each other, and most importantly, building that trust with your photographer.

By the time the big day rolls around, we’re not just strangers with cameras—we’re friends who’ve already shared laughs, stories, and maybe even a few inside jokes. And let me tell you, that makes all the difference.

So, to all you lovebirds out there planning your happily ever after, here’s my advice: don’t skip the engagement session. Trust me, it’s worth it. And hey, who knows, maybe we’ll end up chasing cherry blossoms together!


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